Life Roulette

What is Life Roulette?
Imagine you playing the best of games online. Then; imagine you playing the same games offline. Noticed any differences? Probably not. Most of the games we play both offline and online are variations on a theme, subjects of games that do not differ that much from the other games. While we still enjoy these games, it might be a bit tricky to fully reckon the potential of certain games. Some games certainly have more potential than others. The higher the chance of winning nice prizes, the more potential a games has to offer to her players. That’s why certain games attract many visitors, while other games leave people flabbergasted and longing for the exit. Life Roulette is a game with an enormous potential and below we discuss why Life Roulette is such a  nice game to play.

But before we go into more depth about playing the game of Life Roulette, we first discuss what actually is Life Roulette, how it works and where you can find this game. In short, Life Roulette is the game which you play at a normal casino, but instead of playing the game in a normal casino, you now play the game online. This implies that there is a software and video connection with casino the games are being hosted. An example: you are interested in playing Life Roulette, which is of course a game of great fun. You visit an online casino, find the button for live play and enter the casino. In just seconds, you will be seated on the roulette table.

Looking for a great place to play Life Roulette?
When one wants to play Life Roulette, a couple of things should be kept in mind. First of all, the places where you want to play are limited. Not all casino’s offer software which allows you to play online live casino games without further ado. You need to find a couple of websites which allow you to play in their live casino. As mentioned before; not all these casino’s offer a live casino. A prerequisite for a proper functioning live casino, is that the casino allows you to establish a video connection; without a video connection it will be pretty hard to play online casino games such as Life Roulette.

How is such a video connection established? Well, it works on basis of so-called ‘streaming’. Streaming of video’s is very popular (think for example of Youtube and Vimeo) and that’s why most of the online casino’s have decided to make games like Life Roulette available why streaming. The dealer or croupier hosts the game, spins the wheel and enters the outcome into a certain screen. The recorder, in the meantime, is aimed at the table, so that you can see all of interest while playing. Furthermore, you can place your bet just before the croupier spins the wheel, making Life Roulette coming close to a normal casino. Below, we go deeper into the main advantages of playing Life Roulette.

What is the main advantage of Life Roulette?
Most of the casino games offered online, are a tat boring. Not boring in the sense that they are not interesting any more after a short while, but more boring in the sense of; there is a random number generator, which randomly assigns the outcomes. You won’t see anything but this random number generator, covered of course by a nice interface or graphic lay-out. Consider the video slot: a video slot is nothing more or less than a cover of a software program. This cover might look very nice indeed, but it remains a cover. With Life Roulette, this is totally different. In order to create an environment which feels like a normal casino, the online casino offering Live internet Roulette tries it’s best to simulate the real world.

This simulation is done in the form of a dealer which offers an online experience close to the real world. Dealer; maybe croupier is a slightly better term for the person who, in real life, offers the game to you and determines the outcome by a swing of the roulette wheel. A person of flesh and blood, usually a very nice lady, stands besides the table in a normal casino somewhere in the world. Together with the video connection streaming the game directly into your browser or into the software program of the casino, you can connect to this casino and play Life Roulette. The main advantage? You enjoy a real casino, while seated in your favourite setting: home.

What this website is all about
In ancient times, when people really had to get up and out of their seats to play casino games such as Life Roulette, all you needed to do was find a place where you could play. For some people this meant flying to a city like Las Vegas or Macau, while other people had a casino just around the corner. These times have changed. Nowadays everyone, being nearly everywhere as long as their is an internet connection or wifi-spot available, can play the casino games of their preference. As a result the number of online (live) casino offering games like Life Roulette has multiplied over the recent years, making it in some cases pretty hard to find the best place to play.

That is what this website is all about. We have listed 5 places where the game of Life Roulette reaches it’s full potential. We’ve selected these casino’s on basis of several criteria; of the utmost importance is of course the reliability of the casino, the availability of the games, the access of players to these games and the amount of time you need to spend before you will be ready to play the game. In our reviews of the casino, we focus on what the casino has to offer in terms of customer friendliness, bonuses and of course game play. Also, we discuss which steps to take before Life Roulette can be played by you.

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